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Nowadays, there is a contact lenses to suit almost everyone. Whether they are for sport, social or simply cosmetic reasons, we can offer you the best lens for your particular needs.

As an independent optometrist we are not limited to one particular brand of contact lens and we will give you a free trial and all the training you need to put the lenses in and take them out safely.


Contact lenses designed with convenience in mind. These lenses are individually sealed in packs of 30 or 90 and designed to be worn on a single use basis and discarded every night. As the lenses are disposed of daily this eliminates the need to use contact lens solution and case. The short life spans of the lenses also make them the most hygienic. The risk of eye infection is low as there is minimal contact with the contact lens or the eye itself. 
Daily disposable contact lenses also perfectly service the infrequent user who may only require lenses for sport or occasional social event. Being single use the lenses can be worn as frequently or infrequently as required. With a wide variety of brands covering an extensive range of prescription requirement there is plenty of choice for everyone within this mode of wear.


As well as long and short-sightedness another common vision problem is astigmatism, often described to patients as “rugby ball shaped eyes”. In years gone by the presence of astigmatism would have been a barrier to successful contact lens wear. Toric contact lenses have been developed to allow patients with astigmatism to also enjoy freedom from their glasses.


As a continually developing area of contact lens research and development with a focus on improved stability of the lens in the eye and expanding the prescription ranges available. We are now in a position to offer contact lenses as an option to patients with almost any amount of astigmatism.

Image by Amanda Dalbjörn


For a number of years wearers of bifocal or multifocal spectacles were faced with a difficult and sometimes frustrating arrangement when it came to comfortable and functional vision with contact lenses. Often having reduced distance vision to allow some close reading or even having to put reading glasses over the contact lenses for near tasks. For these individuals there are now a number of contact lens products on the market. Multifocal contact lenses allow the user to enjoy the benefit of clear vision at both distance and near.


A new age of contact lenses has been born in recent years to eliminate two of contact lenses biggest problems, over wear and dryness.


With the working day and week getting longer and an increase in patients demands we regularly see a patients wearing time creeping upwards of 12 hours a day, seven days a week. These long wearing schedules in conventional contact lens materials cause visible problems due to dryness and the reduction of oxygen reaching the eye.


Silicone is permeable and combined with the normal hydrogel material allows the lens to transmit a steady supply of oxygen to the eye thus allowing patient’s longer wearing times. A silicone hydrogel contact lens also has less water making it less susceptible to dryness allowing the patient improved comfort particularly during extended periods of wear.


Some silicone hydrogel lenses also allow up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear meaning the lens can be worn for a whole month at a time giving round the clock clear vision.

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