First class clinical care

As well as a full eye examination, we also provide a number of other services to help you take care of your eyes and make the most of your vision. We’re here to help, so if you have any concerns about your eyes, all you have to do is ask, we are always happy to answer any questions and give you the information you need.

Retinal Photography

As part of your eye examination, we’ll take a digital photograph of the back of your eye. This allows us to examine the health of your eyes in detail, and we’ll store the image for reference at future visits.

Contact Lens Fitting

Nowadays, there is a contact lens to suit almost everyone. Whether they are for sport, social or simply cosmetic reasons, we can offer you the best lens for your particular needs. As an independent optometrist we are not limited to one particular brand of contact lens and we will give you a free trial and all the training you need to put the lenses in and take them out safely.

Colour overlay assessment for adults and children with dyslexia

  • Blurred letters, or words which go out of focus.
  • Letters which move or present with back to front appearance or shimmering or shaking.
  • Headaches from reading.
  • Words or letters which break into two and appear as double.
  • Find it easier to read large, widely spaced print, than small and crowded.
  • Difficulty with tracking across the page.
  • Upset by glare on the page or oversensitive to bright lights.

Research has shown that many people with dyslexia are sensitive to the glare of white backgrounds on a page. The positive news is that these symptoms can often be relieved by the use of coloured overlays. Cerium Coloured Overlays provide a quick, easy and efficient way to test whether using colour would be of benefit. An overlay assessment takes around 30 minutes. During the test we can determine which particular colour works best for each individual, in terms of an improvement while reading. And if a colour is successfully selected, we can provide the overlays. If needed, we’ll arrange a review 3 months later.

Low Vision Advice

Magnifiers can be useful for reading, and can help with many other activities such as crafts and DIY. We stock a variety of magnifiers, and we can also carry out a low vision assessment, where we’ll explore any difficulties you are experiencing before giving you tailored advice on the type of magnifier that would suit you best. We can also suggest ways you can adapt your home to make day to day living easier, such as improving or adding to the lighting.

VDU Assessment

With computers now a regular feature in both home and workplace, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to experience problems with their sight and overall eye comfort in front of the screen.

We can conduct a VDU assessment as part of your regular eye examination. This makes sure that you have the visual correction you need to allow you to use the screen comfortably for extended periods of time. We can also give advice on the best location for your screen, as well as information on how to combat dry eyes – a common side effect of using a computer.

If a VDU assessment is being done on behalf of an employer, we can supply a report of our findings as well as providing suitable glasses for use in the workplace.